Retailers and Events:

Southern Steer Butcher Lakeway coming soon

Lola Savannah Westlake

Wheatsville Food Co-op South Lamar + Guadalupe

Vivel Crepes and Coffee Lakeway

Morning Glory Lakeway

Lakeway Resort and Spa Lakeway

Barton Creek Farmers Market TBD

Peoples Rx North Lamar, South Lamar, Westlake

Hotel Viata coming soon

Royal Blue Grocery coming soon

Kids Cooking Camp see link for dates

YOU are OUR motivation Eat well, Enjoy life!

Collette was always sick…Cause: food allergies! She developed original recipes to eat well.

Everyone said, “sell them! (donut cakes)” She hopes you enjoy them too!

  • Few delicious gluten free, vegan, low sugar desserts are available
  • Mothers and children crave them and freeze them
  • Perfect after exercise treat!
  • Mothers rather their child happily eat these that a sugary cereal
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Video: who is Collette?

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