Why use Eco-Friendly service and dining ware ?

Here at collettes mini donut cakes we are extremely conscience about helping the earth. It all began when I read a book that taught me how be a wiser, more in tune with the environment shopper, home maker, and all around better recycler, composter, and chemical free individual.

I even taught my 2 year old son to be an expert at recycling and composting!

On top of that, the city where we founded our company, San Francisco, made it a law that you must sort your waste and you must recycle and compost even if you don’t want to. The waste management will secretly sift through your waste and send you a fine with a photo of your waste bin if you don’t cooperate. Yes, I get a high off of this and I wish all cities did this! Paris Treaty we need you.


That being said, we highly advise all clients and personal friends to purchase or rent items wisely and to consider the environment when hosting an event. Think and act now to save tomorrow, agrees the British Broadcasting Company.

Compost dining ware has actually been coined the chic choice by many hospitality individuals.

For example, bamboo plates are highly sustainable, beautiful, and extremely sturdy. Additionally Eater did a story on Enamel Cups, which can be used for an adorable self-serve buffet or tray passed beverage, drinkable tapa, or scoop-able dessert.


Why do we care so much about taking care of the earth? Its like the founder of Green Mary in the San Francisco Bay Area says,

“We live on this earth as though we've got another planet to go to. “

However we don’t have another planet to go to if we destroy this one. Unless, yes the Mars exploration is successful by NASA and Elon Musk’s team!

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