Holiday Sangria-not your average cocktail


Want a cocktail that is sweet but not too sweet, yet refreshing?

Use this recipe for a Bloody beverage on Halloween too!



Yes, I have lived in Spain while in school twice and have travelled there several times, so my heart is very fond of sangria. However I didn’t think to make it for the holidays until my 81 year old neighbor gave me the idea for this cocktail. After a house party we hosted a few months ago, my neighbor asked me if I still had her bottle of sangria that she had brought over or if it as all consumed. I said I don’t know what happened but I dont have it.

Secret ingredient: Brandy!

I promised her I would make her sangria one day. The came day that my parents were town and my mother, who is a lover of happy hour, “asked where is happy hour?” I fortunately had thought ahead and had prepared a pitcher of Sangria.

I invited over my 81 year old neighbor and we had a casual backyard happy hour!


Approximately 8 servings

1 bottle red wine (we use Tempranillo)
1/2 cup oak barrel brandy
8oz orange juice
1 red apple, chopped into large cubes ( I prefer Fuji apples)
1/2 lemon, chopped into large cubes
1 lime, chopped into large cubes
1 medium orange, chopped into large cubes

Mix all ingredients together in a large pitcher and refrigerate overnight. Serve chilled in wine glasses. Add ice if you prefer.

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