Frijoles negros Torreja- recipes under $5


I am a proud member of the Junior League of Austin. We are creating a cookbook of easy, inexpensive meals for the group of people in Austin we assist with their daily lives. The recipe here is one of my contributions to be reviewed.


I added a little bit of secret nutrition to make it extra special for the children!



Makes approximately 14 

2 cups long grain white enriched rice, cooked 
15 oz can black beans 
2 eggs, whisked 
1/4 cup Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free all purpose flour 
1 ripe banana, mashed 
Salt and ground pepper to taste 
1 Tablespoon vegetable oil, plus 3 Tablespoons

Cook rice on stove in a deep stovetop pan until all water is absorbed.

Mix beans, egg, flour, banana, salt, pepper, and 1 tablespoon of oil in mixing bowl. Add cooked rice when ready. Mix together and form firm balls approximately 1/4 dry-cup size.

Heat 3 tablespoons of oil on medium in skillet. Place on balls in skillet. Cook approximately 4 minutes on each size until lightly browned on each size. 

Allow to cool. Enjoy a la carte or with any dip or sauce. 


Our family preferred these with guacamole in our household, but we realize avocados are expensive, so please eat them accompanied by your favorite sauce.

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